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14 August 2029 @ 10:37 am
intro entry.

【 基本个人信息 】
★ 19840911; virgo, year of the rat, blood type O-.
☆ alex (f); i've never been called anything but alex, but feel free to persist in calling me by a nick-name if you like.
★ this journal is pretty much public, but i include any & everything i might want to post, so if you're only here for fandom insanity... well, you've got a good bet of getting it, but you'll get other stuff too.
☆ i'm pretty liberal about friending, so just leave a comment and let me know who you are and how you found me. i welcome new friends!

你会遭遇的事情 / things you might encounter

❶ 北京生活: my life in beijing. i got here in march 2009 and don't see myself moving back to australia any time desperately soon, so there'll likely be lots of the fun, frustration and... something else starting with 'f' that goes along with being an expat wanting to study chinese in the most english-friendly city on the mainland.

❷ 日本歌星: in november 2008 i got into japanese boy bands. i haven't turned back. they fill a good portion of what i talk about here, but only because the crack keeps on coming and i'm not one for cold turkey.

❸ 全球音乐: i am a lover of all music, though, from all parts of the world, and when i need a break from the shiny & sparkly, you're more than likely to find me down at the nearest dive bar enjoying some of the local bands. i talk about concerts, and other music i've found, with fair regularity.

❹ 朋友家人: friends and family are the most important things to me, so i talk about them as well. i have a close relationship with my family and friends dotted around the world from having lived in a bunch of places, and you never really know when someone will show up here!

❺ 将来希望: future hopes & dreams. i can also tend to get a little philosophical, but really the serious stuff is kept to a minimum. i also fail at keeping up with the news so you won't find anything like that around here.

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✉ gmail is for email, hotmail is for msn, yahoo is for chumps. aim is "heart and soul" in icelandic.
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28 October 2013 @ 02:13 pm
I can't tell if I'm shivering right now because it's cold, because I haven't had enough coffee, or because I've been looking up mobile phone plans and not just for researching some far-off time in my future, but for THIS SATURDAY. It's probably mostly the latter.

My friends Kat and Luke came to visit over last weekend, which was so much fun. Kat has been to Beijing many times, and lived with Garth and me for three months in 2009, just after I moved here. She's been back basically every year since then, making it a stopover on whatever trip she's taking that year. We did a bunch of shopping and eating, and also went to the top of Jingshan Park which was delightful. Best of all, though, they packed so light that they were able to take my big suitcase back with them, alleviating entirely all problems left with my luggage. I now have about 5kg to spare in checked luggage, which is great because I forgot I needed to pack things like my hair dryer and stuff.

This morning, the boxes I'm planning to ship were taken off by the shipping company. 90kg of STUFF (I'm looking at you, three trips to Japan) is now on its long and arduous journey from Beijing to Sydney, all the forms filled out correctly and my passport photocopied... so without the big boxes and the huge suitcase staring me in the face, it's all feeling super real. I found a bag I want to buy that will help with carry-on luggage, but I can't really pack it until the day before.

And thus begins some serious waiting. Four days isn't many, but it's a lot when you don't have it all planned out. I have a few things on the list, a few lunches and a very final last hurrah dinner on Thursday, and of course gym sessions, but that's about it. Going to get a mani-pedi and a massage on Thursday maybe, get my hair done while it's still cheap... Other than that, which isn't a whole lot, I guess I'll just be rattling around an ever-emptying apartment. Garth is taking off Friday (the day I leave) to finalise his move upstairs, which he started on Sunday. I think he took the cooking things upstairs too because I couldn't find our wok to make scrambled eggs last night....

Which reminds me, my epic going-away party was absolutely freaking perfect. I organised a whole day of activities - lunch at Alba, drinking at Great Leap, dinner at Yun'er Town, partying at Temple/Dada, KTV at Melody Andingmen - and they all went off as expected. I caught up with all the people I wanted to, and everyone seemed to have a great time too. I got progressively more drunk as the night went on, but that was perfectly fitting. It was an absolute delight.

But yesterday was hell haha. I slept for a few hours and woke up at noon, then just sort of wallowed around for a while. Kat and Luke came to hang out, Garth made me some miso soup, and everything started to be right again. I took a two-hour nap and then moved to the bedroom, made myself dinner and watched all of my reality TV. Even though it started out rough, yesterday was kind of great too.

Today after shipping off the boxes, I went for a long walk and bumped into Li Xia of all people (vocalist/guitarist of a Ningxia band I quite like) and didn't have the heart to tell him I'm leaving. Then I bought some shoes. Feiyue sneakers are the trendy shitty sneaker in China and I couldn't wear them here (too obnoxiously trendy), but back home they'll be perfect. I have a white and a black pair and they feel weird as hell but whatever. They only cost ¥55 each.

Part of me doesn't want to go to the gym the next few days, but that's really just laziness. I tried to tell myself just now that my day will start too early if I go to the gym, but that's silly. If I take my time, by the time I'm done showering and getting ready, it's 10AM. Maybe tomorrow I'll go get my hair cut after the gym.

This post is devolving into pointless rambling so I'll take it elsewhere. It's really weird to think I'm not going to be living here anymore, that I'm going to have to restart my whole adult life, that things are going to be easier in some ways and harder in others... but it's what I've been looking forward to for months. Guess I'd better start looking at apartments and polishing up the resume!

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15 October 2013 @ 01:03 pm
I just have to say, before I do anything else, that this is my new favorite song. My gym instructor played it one day - quite out of character for him - and it's friggin' gorgeous. Yes at first I thought it was a cover of Chris Isaak but whatever. It's still gorgeous.
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I really don't know where to start. It's been a hectic three weeks since I last updated! The last week of work continued to be pretty boring, and then I had a lacklustre weekend, all of my own design really. I went to the gym a whole bunch - and here I have a sidebar. Some people say that going to the gym keeps them grounded, and that never really made sense to me before. I suppose I still don't get it in the same way that some people have described it (like Henry Rollins in The Iron), but I have to say that it's definitely helped save my sanity. Even when I don't have anything else planned, it's nice to know I have the gym to look forward to every other day. It helps me know when to start and end my days, and it's just... I'm glad I have it, is all.

Now, getting back to the last two weeks. My family has been in China visiting me, which was fantastic as usual. We started out in Shanghai and though we had some hiccups I think it all went quite well. Most of it was revisiting stuff for me - top of the Jin Mao Tower, The Bund and its accompanying Sightseeing Tunnel, Wukang Lu and Ferguson Lane - but it was all delightful. The only problem was that it was October holiday, which means there were about a billion other people at all the tourist sites, oops! Still, it was fun. Being in Beijing was much better. We did a lot of familiar things, but also took a day out to hit the Ming Tombs - one of the touristy things I'd yet to do - and it was delightful. All the Chinese tourists are off because they've just been doing their touring, so there was nobody there, it was fantastic. And because it's October, it's perfect picture-taking weather. I've got to get myself to the top of Jingshan Park soon. Maybe tomorrow. Anywho, we also went to see a revolutionary opera, Red Guards on Honghu Lake, which was a shitty story but amazing for fans of history and cultural propaganda (which I totally am). I also organized another hotpot night to introduce my nuclear family to my Beijing family, this time with the addition of Natalie, which was also great. We all spent time in Sephora afterwards. There's some other stuff I'm sure, but those are the highlights.

And now my dad's in New York! He's over to visit Fast Company and the old crew, and he'll be back next week, just before I get back.

Yesterday, the day after my parents left (necessitating a 5AM start, ugh, Sunday was a total write-off), I got boxes delivered by the shipping company I'm using to send all my stuff home. That was sort of annoying (the courier didn't know how to get to my street and then wouldn't turn into it, so I had to carry six huge flat boxes in the wind all the way to my house arrrrghhhh), but I packed them all up. Gutting my room earlier this year prepared me for a lot of it, and also the mad panic packing I did in some boxes I bought off Taobao had brought the rest to light, so it was more a matter of repacking and throwing some stuff out. I've got a lot of things to send to charity, mostly clothes, and I'm sure I'll uncover some more things over the course of the next couple of weeks, but it all looks good. Garth is also moving upstairs so there'll undoubtedly be a couple of days of furious throwing out of things from the living room, which will be nice and cathartic.

The biggest thing I did was take down the posters from my room. Putting them up was the first thing I did on the first day of waking up in Beijing, and the thing that comforted me and made me feel most at home once I'd done it. This would lend itself to being the last thing I did on my last day, but since that's impractical, I chose to think about it another way. Taking them down now will remind me every time I go into my room of my impending departure. I have a pretty nasty habit of not processing things, so I thought I would give myself a visceral reminder to start thinking about what won't be in my life anymore. Blah blah blah emotions. I left up some JE magazine cutouts though, because I couldn't quite make my walls entirely bare. Commitment issues, I has them.

Totally forgot to mention that I gave away bunny. The girl I found is absolutely the right person, and even sent me an update a couple of days after. Sweep will be perfectly happy there, and I'm very happy with my decision. It was hard to give her away, and I'll miss her of course, but it mollifies me to know that she'll be well taken care of. I spent most of the day I gave her away sitting on the floor in my room patting her and taking photos. Wah, my bunny. ♥

Today is my day off from thinking about things, but of course the move is all I can think about. Tomorrow morning I have the gym, and during the day I'll run some errands: go to the computer market and try to sell my old MacBook and iPhones for parts (the iPhone 3 still works fine, but the MacBook's battery is dead and the iPhone 4 is busted in all kinds of ways), then go to Yashow to get some clothes fixed/copied, get another suitcase, and maybe hit the Apple Store to get an iPhone 5 connector converter for the speakers I already bought. We'll see.

Then on Thursday, Derek arrives at some ungodly hour (7:30), and I have to go into the office for proofreading, woo! Fri-Sun aren't planned yet but I'm sure there'll be some shenanigans, and then next Mon-Wed will be a practice pack up of the rest of my things. That way I can finalize what's going in the shipping boxes and hopefully get them out next week. I can keep them until the last week but I would feel better not doing that. I'll organize the charity pickup for my final week, just so I can keep wearing my jackets until the last minute, and I think that leaves everything but last minute crap to take care of.

Organization. I has it.

I thought I was also going to sit down and write about my emotions, but I've tired myself out writing about my plans so I think I'll leave it at that for now. I've got next to nothing to do for the next little while, I'm sure I'll get around to emotions.

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24 September 2013 @ 10:44 am
1) Work! It's my last week and I'm super bored. Ami's so competent and excited to do everything that I've basically had her do all of my work. It's fantastic! But it also means that I have nothing to do but stare at the wall for a whole day. I definitely have to find something to do during the day tomorrow, because otherwise I will go nuts with boredom. I might turn up late - gasp! But I'm on the home stretch and it feels amazing.

2) Stuff I've Done! I had my birthday, which was fantastic. I did the same thing as last year - dinner at a little Japanese place, followed by drinks at my favorite cocktail joint, followed by KTV! It was a great night, and I had loads of fun! It was also preceded by the City Weekend 15th Anniversary party, on the day after my birthday, where I had all of the beers and danced largely alone to Residence A at 2 Kolegas. It rained, but about 80 people showed up and I think it was a reasonable success! Then, the week after, Residence A held their EP Launch, which was super fun also. Jo and Garth were there, and we got down front and moshed like crazy. I hurt my foot, it was awesome. Then I had an Yizhuang day with waxrose after a ramen party in the CBD, and we watched some Arashi stuff but more epically, the next day, walked from Yizhuang to the Temple of Heaven, which is about 13km. Great fun! I also saw The Great Gatsby at some point, which I really enjoyed. A++ effort, Baz! I never read the books, but I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

3) Things I'm Going To Do! This hasn't really changed much since last time I wrote. My family is still coming, and so are friends, and I also sent out an invite to my epic going away party! There's not much more I have to do except pack up my shit. I'm thinking of shipping home three boxes, which shouldn't be too expensive, but will also take the burden of carrying books and shit off of my friends and family's suitcases, as well as freeing room in my own, final suitcase for things. It's still freaking me out a little, but not nearly as much as it was this time last month. One final thing that I planned is going to see Dan Savage speak at the Sydney Opera House! Super exciting! Even though I totally messed up timing and the event is on three hours after I land lolololol well at least I'm going with ohmyghost, she can poke me to keep me awake...

4) Writing! Reveals are out on je_otherworlds! Which is very exciting, because I've been so proud of my fic! It's historyfic set in inter-war Japan and I've been geeking out about it (you should see my Amazon Wish List, it's full of textbooks now) ever since I wrote it. You can read it here at the community, or - bonus! - with footnotes over at my writing journal. I'm super proud of it, so if you do read, please leave me at least a note to say you did :D

5) In Summary! I'm actually still fucking exhausted. This is partly because I have been incredibly active lately, but I also don't think that it's going to stop. I think it's a side effect of the activity, but it's seriously sapping my energy. I think I need to eat more. That's a great summary: I need to eat more.

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06 September 2013 @ 12:40 pm
Monthly update! Though I think it's been more like three weeks..? Whatever.

1) Work! I'm so close to the end I can taste it. I'm actually currently having some serious feelings regarding pointless bureaucracy and nobody is online for me to rage at, but setting that aside... I'm feeling pretty good about everything. My last two issues are planned, done and essentially dusted (we're heading into production week on the second-to-last), so that feels great. There's movement on my social insurance getting refunded, which is also awesome because that's a huge chunk of change (like ¥17,000). After next week (which is my birthday week lol), Ami starts coming in to learn how to replace me, and there's weird, random vacation time to navigate. My boss is kinda freaking out but everything will be totally fine.

2) Other Work! Yeeshoo is going well. I've done a bunch of articles and have most of September done, and it's just getting so much easier, as predicted. I also got my first payment, which turned out to be $270 Australian, so that's nice!

3) Trip to Adelaide! The "reason" I am moving back in November is for my cousin's wedding, which is in Adelaide at the end of November. After some prodding from other cousins to get my shit together, I went overboard and organized a whole trip out there. I'm going over on a Monday to stay with my dad's side of the family and catch up with them, and then the other side of the family will be over for the wedding and I'll get to catch up with them! It's been way too long since I've seen any of them - certainly five years, but it's more like 7 or 8 for some of them - and it's going to be great to see them and hear all the stories and just hang out in Radelaide. I'm going to borrow a bike to chuff around, which will be scary haha, and it'll all be so much fun. Yay family!

4) Fandom! I slowed down on watching Arashi stuff after ripping through D and G no Arashi, and also got my je_otherworlds fic finished. I think it turned out awesome. Was super bummed when they pushed back posting to this Sunday, but the week flew by without me noticing so I'm excited all over again for posting to start :D In other news, [personal profile] waxrose has returned to Beijing, and she brought me a 24Hr TV T-shirt! I don't have it yet but I really need to organize a Popcorn watching time with her so I can get my mitts on it.

5) Stuff I've Done! I haven't done a whole lot of stuff this month. I went to see a gig for the first time in ages. But mostly I've sat around at home worrying about my impending move. I tied up the last of my parents' visit, and also organized my friends being here, but mostly I worry about how much shit I have. I bought some boxes on Taobao, just so I can pack up some things and see how much stuff I really have. My desk and bookshelf are piled with crap, so I really want to just get that bullshit off of there. At least so I can know how much stuff I have, how much I'll need to send home, how much I can legit send back with friends and family... I had a freak-out last Tuesday about it but buying the boxes was a good idea. I'm going to spend some time on Sunday packing shit up and I'll feel much more relaxed about the whole goddamn thing. Oh, and I didn't go to Qingdao, for various reasons, but I'm really not concerned about it. I also put up an ad about my rabbit, but I haven't gotten anything back from it yet.

6) Stuff I'm Going To Do! All of the things! The fam is getting into the details of what we want to do in Shanghai and I'm making full use of this one tour company's love of City Weekend to score us a free tour while we're there ehehehe. And maybe one in Beijing, who knows. Other than that, my friends are coming to hang, and I've got a huge epic fuck-off going away party planned. It's basically a whole day filled with awesome things that I want to do, where people can come and hang for a bit or follow the whole party around. It's gonna be great.

7) In Summary! Right now, I feel exhausted, but most of that has to do with free Champagne last night and a 6am start this morning. I feel exhausted mentally, too, because of all the planning and organizing I've been doing. I think not actually doing things over the last few weeks has made me feel tired, because all I want now is to get on with shit, start this epic adventure I've been planning and organizing. It's all going to start very soon - as soon as next Thursday - and it's not going to stop for a really long time. But that's great! I absolutely cannot wait, and I'm so excited to get stuck into it. But waiting is so not my forte.

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13 August 2013 @ 10:26 am
I guess it's time for my monthly update? Jeez.

1) Fitness! I've been sticking with crossfit, and it's totally paying off. Well, at least I think it has, and that's all that matters. After a month of going three times a week, my measurements have stayed the same, but I definitely feel more defined in some places, and I'm certainly being more relaxed with my diet, plus being much more hungry. I like it a lot; there have only been two workouts that I really truly hated, and one of them definitely killed me more than the other. I love the weightlifting, and I'm getting better and stronger, so you know. That's awesome.

2) Work! I finally told them! It was easy. I was worried that my boss was going to freak out a little because we've had some other changeover but it was fine. My friend Ami has got the job after me, so I know that training is going to be easy and minimal since she's going to know everyone and how all the scenes work anyway. And we're wrapping up my fourth-last issue this week, and I've got most of the two following wrapped up... it's all going according to plan! Having a month off is going to feel weird, but I have just... just so much to do.

3) Other Work! I signed up to be in the pool of freelancers for a blog/social media outsourcing group called Yeeshoo, which launched a couple weeks ago. I got my first client this week and have to write some blog posts about marketing. It's a pretty great deal, USD$250/month per client for writing four blog posts? I can definitely handle that. And the great thing is that I can do it from anywhere, so when I go back to Australia I'll have at least a little bit of income while I'm bumming around looking for jobs and apartments.

4) Beijing Gig Guide! I haven't talked about it in a while, because it has slowly been falling off my radar. I picked it back up but then realized that I wasn't going to be able to keep it going, so I put out the word - after I told work - that I was leaving, and my other music-inclined friend Jo said that she was interested. She's helped me with the site before so it was an easy pick, and we've just this week finished the handover in total. She just did her first Gig of the Week newsletter and... gosh, the end of an era!

5) Arashi! I finished off D no Arashi and have since gotten more than halfway through G no Arashi. My episode descriptions for D are also finished, and G will be polished off quickly (they are less involved), and then I think I'll move onto MMA and AnS, though I need to make sure my stores of those are up-to-date and as complete as possible. I think those are all I'll do, though I wish someone would do others. I mean, it's great to get the guest's name, but sometimes you're like OH MAN DO YOU REMEMBER THAT EPISODE WHERE THEY DID A NO ARASHI WITH THE CANDY FLOSS CLOUDS?? (that was a terrible example) -- you don't remember the guest name! Come on. Also it allows you to target-watch for MAXIMUM EFFECT. Just want to rewatch all the Meguro-san episodes? Air guitar Arashi? All the shitty meaningless episodes? There. Done.

6) Writing! The deadline for my je_otherworlds fic is next Sunday. There are loads of things getting in the way of me writing, which include, in no particular order: the heat and my room's lack of AC, the aforementioned freelancing work I've picked up, my regular job and its regular requirements, and the steady stream of Arashi shows I'm subjecting myself to. BUT the great thing is I love what I'm writing and can't wait to get it all out of my system. I really need to get it done this weekend so that I can throw it to beta and have it all done by next weekend.

7) Boys! I met this guy at Ami's birthday. He's really cool. Has a girlfriend back in the States but apparently their relationship is open (though he didn't tell me that; longer story than necessary in parenthesis). I'm still seeing him every now and then because he's an insanely fun and interesting guy and we have a great time whenever we've gone out. Of course I wanna bone him but I can put that aside for knowing someone awesome.

8) Stuff I've Done! This past weekend I went to KTV all night, and apparently it had only been like five weeks since I last did that! It was great, if annoying at the start because our reservation needed to be confirmed five times or something. Whatever, it was loads of fun. I've had brunch with Jeff from Mai Bar and Stephanie from Mao Mao Chong, because they're two of my favorite bar owners in this city. I also set up a bathhouse day which was delightfully relaxing and needs to happen again soon. I also caught up with my friend Kevin who I met, god, through a high school buddy who was visiting Tsinghua, and who also randomly knows loads of people in the music industry. He's been living in Denmark, in their second most populous city of Aarhus, which has just over 240,000 people. o.O

9) Stuff I'm Going To Do! I've got an August 30 trip to Qingdao to plan, and I've just finished ironing out most of the details for my family's visit. They're here for two weeks at the beginning of October and it's going to be SUPER fun. We're spending a few days in Shanghai to start with and then bumming around Beijing - maybe hitting Dalian but I'm not 100% on that. That's part of the wrapping up we have left to do. Before they get here, though, I have my birthday to plan (easy; I'll do the same as last year), and my going away, which I want/need to be epic. Also, a couple of friends want to fly up at the END of October to visit, which won't be stressful but it makes my calendar fill the fuck up when I should be packing.

10) A Summary! I've still got that feel-good feeling, though this week I have been feeling more of the time crunch. Part of it is the new work for Yeeshoo, but once I get a few of those in the bag, I'll feel way better about it. Part of it is just literally time ticking away, and organizing things, because it forces me to take note of how long I have. I've got some great time management skills, but when one of my deadlines carries so much emotional weight... well, I just troop on through it, but it throws into relief how little time I have in Beijing. I've just handed over something I've worked on throughout my years here, and it's the first step of many that I will have to take in saying goodbye. Don't even start me thinking about saying goodbye to my bunny....

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21 June 2013 @ 10:18 am
Just wanted to let everyone know that I want to snuggle with all of the ninoexchange fics. I haven't read all of them, but the fact that they are all posting makes me ridiculously happy. Now I just need a few spare hours to read!

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22 May 2013 @ 01:46 pm
A brief update on my previous post to say: the doctor got the consultation on my CT scan, and apparently it didn't show anything. I still think it's likely to be otosclerosis, because I haven't had any trauma to my ears otherwise, and the other options for what's going on have pretty obvious side-effects. I haven't been sick, don't have allergies, it's not my adenoids, no middle ear infections or even random swelling, I haven't even been going to loud concerts. My ears felt blocked when I was at the music festival, so it wasn't that... so yeah. And plus, any damage to my ear drums or inner ear was tested with the tymphonic testing or whatever that was. I get the feeling it's bone calcification, enough that my hearing is affected but too small that the CT scan can effectively pick it up. The doctor told me to have another check up in 6-12 months, so I guess we'll see what happens when I see a specialist in Australia!

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So my medical affliction remains mysterious. After waiting for the CT scanner at my hospital to be returned from maintenance, I got the scan in about two minutes flat and then had to wait for a whole hour before my appointment with the doctor. She spend 20 minutes looking at the CT scan of my ear and then called me in to say that she couldn't really tell so she's going to ask someone more versed than her at looking at ear CTs to give a specialist opinion.

She also looked in my ear and we did the hearing tests over again, but nothing there. What she's fairly certain I have is otosclerosis, which is basically some calcium build-up on the bones in your inner ear that keep sound from being transmitted properly. It doesn't get better and the only cures for it are hearing aids and surgery. I'm still not really 100% happy with those outcomes but I've come to terms with them. I think I need to have a cry soon, but I'll definitely feel silly as I do it. I don't have severe hearing loss, I'm not unbalanced because of it, but... I don't know.

I wrote this Hanson fan fiction once... it was terrible. It was the worst. Taylor Hanson was about to kill himself because he needed to wear glasses. But the theme was that part of him was imperfect, and he couldn't control it, and it ripped him apart. I want to fit myself into that trope right now (not the, uh, suicide tendencies, but the general emotions), but it's silly. I'm not perfect, nor have I been. I have had glasses since I was 13, braces all through high school, I've only just gotten rid of more than 20 lbs... I'm a flawed human being, and totally okay with that. But I don't like it when my body fails me. And not being able to hear is a serious failure. It's okay for now, but it won't be, soon.

Friends and family were telling me earlier today not to treat this like a foregone conclusion, that I should definitely wait the week my doctor said it would take her to get a specialist radiologist on the case, but if it's not otosclerosis, it's a mystery, and that's even more frustrating. I'd almost rather feel like that this hearing loss is permanent, and move on with what comes next. It's not the end of the world, it's just disappointing, I guess. I'm not worried about outcomes or surgery or what to do, I'm just upset that it has to happen at all.

Plus, I always thought that the reason for any hearing loss would be the myriad loud rock concerts I've been to in my life. Not bones growing all funky inside my head.

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19 April 2013 @ 01:38 pm
Last weekend was pretty great. It was mostly taken up by my Bohai or Bust bike trip, which was awesome in that Alex vs. Mountain kind of way, but then Sunday was a little awkward. At lunch, I got sort of stood up by a sort of date from some guy I met online (whatever), so I went home to heat up some soup as an easy feed. I did that, but somehow (I'm still not entirely sure how), the bowl slipped and the scalding hot soup poured over the back of my left hand.

So I gave myself second-degree burns. Which, I found out, is when you burn not only the top layer of your skin, but the layer beneath it. It wasn't too big, the really bad part is probably the size of a quarter, but it's pretty gross. And here's where I talk about how gross it is. You've been warned.Collapse ) The dead skin that's left will go away on its own, but for now it's just gross and painful. I'm leaving it uncovered at night time, but during the day I've got a bandage over it, and when I shower I wear a rubber glove taped at the wrist so I don't get it wet. It's super frustrating but I hope it will heal quickly.

Gross. Who gives themselves second-degree burns from soup? Seriously now. I don't want to have scars because I don't want to have to say that I burned my hand from a bowl of microwaved soup.

The funny thing is I had a little burn blister on my thumb right near it. If I hadn't had the big burn on the back of my hand, I probably would have freaked out about that one, but it's healed almost entirely without any attention to it.

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